About Me

Yes, thats me. The one and only Tony Mallen (toekneem) now residing in Benfleet, Essex. Now lets move onto my life so far.

Early Years

I was born in Dovecote, Liverpool L14 on the 18th March 1948 to John and Mary Mallen. The second of what would eventually be six children. Irene being my elder sister and John, Philip, Michael and David being my younger brothers.  

After the end of the war in the far east, dad came back from POW camp but did not settle back into civvy life easily. Eventually he rejoined the Army to start a new life.

The Army might be a good career move but it does entail moving home every so often.

And so it starts with a move about 1952 to Osnabruck in Germany . I dont remember anything about the journey over to Osnabruck but I do remember our time over there. We were housed in a large apartment in the town and on various trips out to the local NAAFI store you could see that we were not that well liked by the locals. I started my first school in Osnabruck, run for the forces families . I remember the Queens Coronation in 1953 and seeing all the soldiers and Tanks and lorries doing a parade through the town. The Army can put a show on when they want too.